Features :

● With outstanding positioning accuracy and repeatability, the Hollow Rotating Table is available to use servo motor or stepping motor drive and exhibits exceptional dependability of performance.

● Direct Mounting of Workpiece.

● The rotating table allows for direct mounting of workpiece for added convenience in workpiece loading.

● Convenient Wiring.

● The rotating table is a hollow structure design, making it convenient for electric wiring or piping work.

● High Accuracy.

● Positioning accuracy is less than 1 min.

● Repeatability may reach ±5 sec.

● Stable Rotating Motion.

● The table rotation is stable and smooth as well as fast in positioning.

● Suitable for Various Motors.

● The rotating table can be driven by various brands of servo motors or stepping motors.

Model Identification

HT60 Application Examples

HT series PDF

    HT60 type Stepping Motor

    Frame No. Speed Ratio
    42 Type Stepping Motor Direct-drive reducer 1:5, 1:20
    Right angle reducer 1:10

    HT60 AC Servo Motor

    Frame No. Speed Ratio
    100W AC Servo Motor Right angle reducer 1:10
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